Le Petit Café is a collaborative ​venture by Lana and Nancy, who both bring years of experience in business and the food industry. 

Born from a desire to embrace a new chapter, contribute to the North Vancouver community, and embark upon a more balanced lifestyle, the café is brought to life by two very driven and focused ladies. 

Their warmth is illuminated in the café from the moment you walk in. Without being able to quite put your finger on it, you feel as if a warm hug has been wrapped around you, and an uplifting of your spirit has taken place. Refreshingly unpretentious, the fresh, homemade food is nostalgic of being at your mothers table, where the focus is not only on nourishing your body, but inspiring your heart to flourish. This is soul food made with love. 

So welcome home, to a heartbeat in North Vancouver's Delbrook community, to friendly banter between friends, to healthy and delicious food, to quick smiles and genuine care, and to two business owners who are passionate about celebrating community and nurturing the relationships that build something lasting.


Whether you are looking for a quick coffee on your way to work, or a quiet patio to catch up with old friends, there is always a seat at this table for you! 

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